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Detailed Description

Description AtkComponent should be implemented by most if not all UI elements with an actual on-screen presence, i.e.

components which can be said to have a screen-coordinate bounding box. Virtually all widgets will need to have AtkComponent implementations provided for their corresponding AtkObject class. In short, only UI elements which are *not* GUI elements will omit this ATK interface. A possible exception might be textual information with a transparent background, in which case text glyph bounding box information is provided by AtkText.

Public Member Functions

AtkComponentgetComponentStruct ()
 this (AtkComponent *atkComponent)
 Sets our main struct and passes it to the parent class.
void delegate (AtkRectangle *, Component)[] onBoundsChangedListeners
void addOnBoundsChanged (void delegate(AtkRectangle *, Component) dlg)
 extern (C) static void callBackBoundsChanged(AtkComponent *atkcomponentStruct

Public Attributes

int[char[]] connectedSignals
AtkRectangle * arg1

Protected Member Functions

void * getStruct ()
 the main Gtk struct as a void*

Protected Attributes

 the main Gtk struct

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

atk.Component.Component.this ( AtkComponent atkComponent  ) 

Sets our main struct and passes it to the parent class.

Member Function Documentation

void atk.Component.Component.addOnBoundsChanged ( void delegate(AtkRectangle *, Component dlg  ) 

void atk.Component.Component.delegate ( AtkRectangle *  ,

atk.Component.Component.extern (  ) 

AtkComponent* atk.Component.Component.getComponentStruct (  ) 

void* atk.Component.Component.getStruct (  )  [protected]

the main Gtk struct as a void*

Member Data Documentation

AtkRectangle* atk.Component.Component.arg1

AtkComponent* atk.Component.Component.atkComponent [protected]

the main Gtk struct

int [char[]] atk.Component.Component.connectedSignals Logo Logo Logo