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Detailed Description

Description An interface used for objects which implement linking between multiple resource or content locations, or multiple 'markers' within a single document.

A Hypertext instance is associated with one or more Hyperlinks, which are associated with particular offsets within the Hypertext's included content. While this interface is derived from Text, there is no requirement that Hypertext instances have textual content; they may implement Image as well, and Hyperlinks need not have non-zero text offsets.

Public Member Functions

AtkHypertextgetHypertextStruct ()
 this (AtkHypertext *atkHypertext)
 Sets our main struct and passes it to the parent class.
void delegate (gint, Hypertext)[] onLinkSelectedListeners
void addOnLinkSelected (void delegate(gint, Hypertext) dlg)
 extern (C) static void callBackLinkSelected(AtkHypertext *atkhypertextStruct

Public Attributes

int[char[]] connectedSignals
gint arg1

Protected Member Functions

void * getStruct ()
 the main Gtk struct as a void*

Protected Attributes

 the main Gtk struct

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

atk.Hypertext.Hypertext.this ( AtkHypertext atkHypertext  ) 

Sets our main struct and passes it to the parent class.

Member Function Documentation

void atk.Hypertext.Hypertext.addOnLinkSelected ( void delegate(gint, Hypertext dlg  ) 

void atk.Hypertext.Hypertext.delegate ( gint  ,

atk.Hypertext.Hypertext.extern (  ) 

AtkHypertext* atk.Hypertext.Hypertext.getHypertextStruct (  ) 

void* atk.Hypertext.Hypertext.getStruct (  )  [protected]

the main Gtk struct as a void*

Member Data Documentation

gint atk.Hypertext.Hypertext.arg1

AtkHypertext* atk.Hypertext.Hypertext.atkHypertext [protected]

the main Gtk struct

int [char[]] atk.Hypertext.Hypertext.connectedSignals Logo Logo Logo