gtk.CellRendererPixbuf.CellRendererPixbuf Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

GtkCellRendererPixbufgetCellRendererPixbufStruct ()
 this (GtkCellRendererPixbuf *gtkCellRendererPixbuf)
 Sets our main struct and passes it to the parent class.
 this ()
 Creates a new GtkCellRendererPixbuf.

Protected Member Functions

void * getStruct ()
 the main Gtk struct as a void*

Protected Attributes

 the main Gtk struct

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gtk.CellRendererPixbuf.CellRendererPixbuf.this ( GtkCellRendererPixbuf gtkCellRendererPixbuf  ) 

Sets our main struct and passes it to the parent class.

gtk.CellRendererPixbuf.CellRendererPixbuf.this (  ) 

Creates a new GtkCellRendererPixbuf.

Adjust rendering parameters using object properties. Object properties can be set globally (with g_object_set()). Also, with GtkTreeViewColumn, you can bind a property to a value in a GtkTreeModel. For example, you can bind the "pixbuf" property on the cell renderer to a pixbuf value in the model, thus rendering a different image in each row of the GtkTreeView. Returns: the new cell renderer Property Details The "follow-state" property "follow-state" gboolean : Read / Write Specifies whether the rendered pixbuf should be colorized according to the GtkCellRendererState. Default value: FALSE Since 2.8

Member Function Documentation

GtkCellRendererPixbuf* gtk.CellRendererPixbuf.CellRendererPixbuf.getCellRendererPixbufStruct (  ) 

void* gtk.CellRendererPixbuf.CellRendererPixbuf.getStruct (  )  [protected]

the main Gtk struct as a void*

Reimplemented from gtk.CellRenderer.CellRenderer.

Member Data Documentation

GtkCellRendererPixbuf* gtk.CellRendererPixbuf.CellRendererPixbuf.gtkCellRendererPixbuf [protected]

the main Gtk struct Logo Logo Logo