gtk.TreeViewColumn.TreeViewColumn Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

GtkTreeViewColumngetTreeViewColumnStruct ()
 this (GtkTreeViewColumn *gtkTreeViewColumn)
 Sets our main struct and passes it to the parent class.
 this (char[] header, CellRenderer renderer, char[] type, int column)
 Creates a new Tree view column.
void delegate (TreeViewColumn)[] onClickedListeners
void addOnClicked (void delegate(TreeViewColumn) dlg)
 extern (C) static void callBackClicked(GtkTreeViewColumn *treeviewcolumnStruct

Public Attributes

int[char[]] connectedSignals

Protected Member Functions

void * getStruct ()
 the main Gtk struct as a void*

Protected Attributes

 the main Gtk struct

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gtk.TreeViewColumn.TreeViewColumn.this ( GtkTreeViewColumn gtkTreeViewColumn  ) 

Sets our main struct and passes it to the parent class.

gtk.TreeViewColumn.TreeViewColumn.this ( char[]  header,
CellRenderer  renderer,
char[]  type,
int  column 

Creates a new Tree view column.

header th column header text
renderer the rederer for the column cells
type the type of data to be displayed (shouldn't this be on the renderer?)
column the column number

Member Function Documentation

void gtk.TreeViewColumn.TreeViewColumn.addOnClicked ( void delegate(TreeViewColumn dlg  ) 

void gtk.TreeViewColumn.TreeViewColumn.delegate ( TreeViewColumn   ) 

gtk.TreeViewColumn.TreeViewColumn.extern (  ) 

Reimplemented from gtk.ObjectGtk.ObjectGtk.

void* gtk.TreeViewColumn.TreeViewColumn.getStruct (  )  [protected]

the main Gtk struct as a void*

Reimplemented from gtk.ObjectGtk.ObjectGtk.

GtkTreeViewColumn* gtk.TreeViewColumn.TreeViewColumn.getTreeViewColumnStruct (  ) 

Member Data Documentation

int [char[]] gtk.TreeViewColumn.TreeViewColumn.connectedSignals

Reimplemented from gtk.ObjectGtk.ObjectGtk.

GtkTreeViewColumn* gtk.TreeViewColumn.TreeViewColumn.gtkTreeViewColumn [protected]

the main Gtk struct Logo Logo Logo