gtk.VBox.VBox Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

GtkVBoxgetVBoxStruct ()
 this (GtkVBox *gtkVBox)
 Sets our main struct and passes it to the parent class.
 this (int homogeneous, int spacing)
 Creates a new GtkVBox.

Protected Member Functions

void * getStruct ()
 the main Gtk struct as a void*

Protected Attributes

 the main Gtk struct

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gtk.VBox.VBox.this ( GtkVBox gtkVBox  ) 

Sets our main struct and passes it to the parent class.

gtk.VBox.VBox.this ( int  homogeneous,
int  spacing 

Creates a new GtkVBox.

homogeneous: TRUE if all children are to be given equal space allotments. spacing: the number of pixels to place by default between children. Returns: a new GtkVBox. See Also GtkHBox a sister class that organizes widgets into a row.

Member Function Documentation

void* gtk.VBox.VBox.getStruct (  )  [protected]

the main Gtk struct as a void*

Reimplemented from gtk.Box.Box.

Reimplemented in gtk.ColorSelection.ColorSelection, gtk.FileChooserWidget.FileChooserWidget, gtk.FontSelection.FontSelection, and gtk.GammaCurve.GammaCurve.

GtkVBox* gtk.VBox.VBox.getVBoxStruct (  ) 

Member Data Documentation

GtkVBox* gtk.VBox.VBox.gtkVBox [protected]

the main Gtk struct Logo Logo Logo