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This page will exist until we have some kind of public version control system<br>
These downloads are not garantied even to compile at all.
(However if the library file exist for a build it was compiled)
They do reflect the most recent work on gtkD.

Please don't expect a daily update of this page.

Nightly Builds
Build Date Source (linux) latest windows
Lib Notes
82 2003/11/30 dui_00.07_82.tar.gz duiWindows libdui_00.07.82.a.gz
  • few minor changes (if any, I confess) to support leds
80 2003/10/17 dui_00.05_80.tar.gz duiWindows libdui_00.05.80.a.gz
  • corrected a bug with the use of pointers to DUI objects and the GC
76 2003/10/15 dui_00.05_76.tar.gz duiWindows libdui_00.05.76.a.gz
  • small enhancements to support leds
    you need this night build to compile leds
    (leds is starting to be linux only as D libs are incomplete and my expertise on window is very (null) limited)
75 2003/10/06 dui_00.05_75.tar.gz duiWindows libdui_00.05.75.a.gz
  • GValue is finnaly debuged!
    this means with can read the values on TreeView
    some decorator methods added to TreeView and TreeIter
    to make their use more intuitive and simple.
73 2003/10/06 dui_00.05_73.tar.gz duiWindows libdui_00.05.73.a.gz
  • Very few and small correction
69 2003/09/27 dui_00.04_69.tar.gz duiWindows libdui_00.04.69.a.gz
  • Lots more function in
  • typed in DND support (not tested at all)
66 2003/09/20 dui_00.04_66.tar.gz duiWindows libdui_00.04.66.a.gz
  • Just a quick build to support dmd 0.73
63 2003/09/13 dui_00.04_63.tar.gz duiWindows libdui_00.04.63.a.gz
  • Continue to implement more function bindings
  • Started methods on status introspection for each class (when debug(status))
62 2003/09/12 dui_00.04_62.tar.gz duiWindows libdui_00.04.62.a.gz
  • Second example of OpenGL
  • Some bug fixes on Event and Dispatcher
55 2003/09/04 dui_00.03_55.tar.gz duiWindows libdui_00.03.55.a.gz
  • More complete implementation of TreeView and related classes
  • Started simple IDE "leds" - leds Page - just description and picture, no downloads
    • (Linux) Linux Editor for D
    • (Windows) Light Editor for D
53 2003/09/01 dui_00.02_53.tar.gz N/A libdui_00.02.53.a.gz
  • More TreeView related classes:
    • Trees-election
    • Tree-Path
    • TreeRowReference
49 2003/08/28 dui_00.02_49.tar.gz N/A libdui_00.02.49.a.gz
  • More Text widgets, the gtk-demo textview is complete
    • TextTag
    • TextIter
    • TextTagTable
    • TextChildAnchor
48 2003/08/28 dui_00.02_48.tar.gz N/A libdui_00.02.48.a.gz
  • More TextView
    • tags, this allow to create a test like gtk-demo TextView
      (for now no images or widgets)
  • started gdk Pixbuf
47 2003/08/27 dui_00.02_47.tar.gz N/A libdui_00.02.47.a.gz
  • Corrected Combo
45 2003/08/26 dui_00.02_45.tar.gz N/A libdui_00.02.45.a.gz
  • finally TreeView and TreeStore and ListStore are OK
44 2003/08/25 dui_00.02_44.tar.gz N/A libdui_00.02.44.a.gz
  • Typed in most of the missing classes, not tested.
    (still some typing needed to complete just the gtk part)
  • No changes needed to compile with DMD 0.70.
42 2003/08/24 dui_00.02_42.tar.gz N/A libdui_00.02.42.a.gz
  • Better Listeners and C callbacks (created package event)
    lots more listeners coded in.
    • corrected File selection dialog.
    • corrected TextView scroll inside the ScrolledWindow.
  • Lots of new code in.
  • Reorganize gtk types (to continue).
  • Reorganize constants (into def.Constants)
    and uniformized names and qualifiers.
  • More gdk classes (only created when needed).
    • Display and Value
  • Slightly more complete tests.
    • Created static lib libdui.a
  • Can't link HelloWorld example anymore ??? Logo Logo Logo