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First version 1.00 release date unknown
second version 2.00 release date unknown
Other versions
Extensions to GTK+

First version 1.00 release date unknown

The first version will allow to use all the widgets from the GTK+ toolkit.
This includes only the higher level functions of the GTK+ library.
The libraries ATK, GDK, glib and Pango are not implement or have a very limited implementation when needed to support the implemented function of the GTK+ library.
An example of "use" will include setup a combo box, display, change the items, respond to the user actions and retrieve the selected item.
Not implemented will be changing the color or the font of the combo box.

second version 2.00 release date unknown

The second version will include the most common low level function of GTK+
("most common" and "low level" are still to be defined)
This will include the Pango, GDK, glib and ATK libraries (by that order)

Other versions

other version will try to keep up with GTK+ development and will have a numbering that makes reference to the GTK+ releases

Extensions to GTK+

gtkD will try to include other extensions to GTK+.
the first example already on the development version is the OpenGL extension GtkGlExt.
The wrapping to GtkGlExt is created on a separate library (libgtkdgl).
Extensions to GTK+ that are available on the two main target environments of gtkD (Linux/un*x and wind*ws) will be preferred to others that don't support all environments.
gtkD will probably become a set a 3 libraries libgtkd, libgtkdgl and libgtkdext
libgtkdext might be slip into the target environments. Logo Logo Logo