gtkc.gdkpixbuftypes.GdkPixbufFormat Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Main Gtk struct.

A GdkPixbufFormat contains information about the image format accepted by a module. Only modules should access the fields directly, applications should use the gdk_pixbuf_format_* functions. gchar*name; the name of the image format. GdkPixbufModulePattern*signature; the signature of the module. gchar*domain; the message domain for the description. gchar*description; a description of the image format. gchar**mime_types; a NULL-terminated array of MIME types for the image format. gchar**extensions; a NULL-terminated array of typical filename extensions for the image format. guint32flags; a combination of GdkPixbufFormatFlags. gbooleandisabled; a boolean determining whether the loader is disabled. gchar*license; a string containing license information, typically set to Logo Logo Logo