gtkc.gdktypes.GdkDevice Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Main Gtk struct.

A GdkDevice structure contains a detailed description of an extended input device. All fields are read-only; but you can use gdk_device_set_source(), gdk_device_set_mode(), gdk_device_set_key() and gdk_device_set_axis_use() to configure various aspects of the device. GObjectparent_instance; the parent instance gchar*name; the name of this device. GdkInputSourcesource; the type of this device. GdkInputModemode; the mode of this device gbooleanhas_cursor; TRUE if the pointer follows device motion. gintnum_axes; the length of the axes array. GdkDeviceAxis*axes; an array of GdkDeviceAxis, describing the axes of this device. gintnum_keys; the length of the keys array. GdkDeviceKey*keys; an array of GdkDeviceKey, describing the mapped macro buttons Logo Logo Logo