gtkc.gdktypes.GdkEventButton Struct Reference

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Detailed Description

Used for button press and button release events.

The type field will be one of GDK_BUTTON_PRESS, GDK_2BUTTON_PRESS, GDK_3BUTTON_PRESS, and GDK_BUTTON_RELEASE. Double and triple-clicks result in a sequence of events being received. For double-clicks the order of events will be: GDK_BUTTON_PRESS GDK_BUTTON_RELEASE GDK_BUTTON_PRESS GDK_2BUTTON_PRESS GDK_BUTTON_RELEASE Note that the first click is received just like a normal button press, while the second click results in a GDK_2BUTTON_PRESS being received just after the GDK_BUTTON_PRESS. Triple-clicks are very similar to double-clicks, except that GDK_3BUTTON_PRESS is inserted after the third click. The order of the events is: GDK_BUTTON_PRESS GDK_BUTTON_RELEASE GDK_BUTTON_PRESS GDK_2BUTTON_PRESS GDK_BUTTON_RELEASE GDK_BUTTON_PRESS GDK_3BUTTON_PRESS GDK_BUTTON_RELEASE For a double click to occur, the second button press must occur within 1/4 of a second of the first. For a triple click to occur, the third button press must also occur within 1/2 second of the first button press. GdkEventTypetype; the type of the event (GDK_BUTTON_PRESS, GDK_2BUTTON_PRESS, GDK_3BUTTON_PRESS or GDK_BUTTON_RELEASE). GdkWindow*window; the window which received the event. gint8send_event; TRUE if the event was sent explicitly (e.g. using XSendEvent). guint32time; the time of the event in milliseconds. gdoublex; the x coordinate of the pointer relative to the window. gdoubley; the y coordinate of the pointer relative to the window. gdouble*axes; x, y translated to the axes of device, or NULL if device is

Public Attributes

GdkEventType type
byte sendEvent
uint time
double x
double y
double * axes
uint state
uint button
double xRoot
double yRoot

Member Data Documentation

double* gtkc.gdktypes.GdkEventButton.axes

uint gtkc.gdktypes.GdkEventButton.button

GdkDevice* gtkc.gdktypes.GdkEventButton.device

byte gtkc.gdktypes.GdkEventButton.sendEvent

uint gtkc.gdktypes.GdkEventButton.state

uint gtkc.gdktypes.GdkEventButton.time

GdkEventType gtkc.gdktypes.GdkEventButton.type

GdkWindow* gtkc.gdktypes.GdkEventButton.window

double gtkc.gdktypes.GdkEventButton.x

double gtkc.gdktypes.GdkEventButton.xRoot

double gtkc.gdktypes.GdkEventButton.y

double gtkc.gdktypes.GdkEventButton.yRoot Logo Logo Logo