gtkc.gdktypes.GdkEventGrabBroken Struct Reference

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Detailed Description

Generated when a pointer or keyboard grab is broken.

On X11, this happens when the grab window becomes unviewable (i.e. it or one of its ancestors is unmapped), or if the same application grabs the pointer or keyboard again. Note that implicit grabs (which are initiated by button presses) can also cause GdkEventGrabBroken events. GdkEventTypetype; the type of the event (GDK_GRAB_BROKEN) GdkWindow*window; the window which received the event, i.e. the window

Public Attributes

GdkEventType type
byte sendEvent
int keyboard
int implicit

Member Data Documentation

GdkWindow* gtkc.gdktypes.GdkEventGrabBroken.grabWindow

int gtkc.gdktypes.GdkEventGrabBroken.implicit

int gtkc.gdktypes.GdkEventGrabBroken.keyboard

byte gtkc.gdktypes.GdkEventGrabBroken.sendEvent

GdkEventType gtkc.gdktypes.GdkEventGrabBroken.type

GdkWindow* gtkc.gdktypes.GdkEventGrabBroken.window Logo Logo Logo