gtkc.gdktypes.GdkEventNoExpose Struct Reference

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Detailed Description

Generated when the area of a GdkDrawable being copied, with gdk_draw_drawable() or gdk_window_copy_area(), was completely available.

FIXME: add more here. GdkEventTypetype; the type of the event (GDK_NO_EXPOSE). GdkWindow*window; the window which received the event. gint8send_event; TRUE if the event was sent explicitly (e.g. using XSendEvent).

Public Attributes

GdkEventType type
byte sendEvent

Member Data Documentation

byte gtkc.gdktypes.GdkEventNoExpose.sendEvent

GdkEventType gtkc.gdktypes.GdkEventNoExpose.type

GdkWindow* gtkc.gdktypes.GdkEventNoExpose.window Logo Logo Logo