gtkc.gdktypes.GdkEventScroll Struct Reference

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Detailed Description

Generated from button presses for the buttons 4 to 7.

Wheel mice are usually configured to generate button press events for buttons 4 and 5 when the wheel is turned. GdkEventTypetype; the type of the event (GDK_SCROLL). GdkWindow*window; the window which received the event. gint8send_event; TRUE if the event was sent explicitly (e.g. using XSendEvent). guint32time; the time of the event in milliseconds. gdoublex; the x coordinate of the pointer relative to the window. gdoubley; the y coordinate of the pointer relative to the window. guintstate; a bit-mask representing the state of the modifier keys (e.g. Control, Shift and Alt) and the pointer buttons. See GdkModifierType. GdkScrollDirectiondirection; the direction to scroll to (one of GDK_SCROLL_UP,

Public Attributes

GdkEventType type
byte sendEvent
uint time
double x
double y
uint state
GdkScrollDirection direction
double xRoot
double yRoot

Member Data Documentation

GdkDevice* gtkc.gdktypes.GdkEventScroll.device

GdkScrollDirection gtkc.gdktypes.GdkEventScroll.direction

byte gtkc.gdktypes.GdkEventScroll.sendEvent

uint gtkc.gdktypes.GdkEventScroll.state

uint gtkc.gdktypes.GdkEventScroll.time

GdkEventType gtkc.gdktypes.GdkEventScroll.type

GdkWindow* gtkc.gdktypes.GdkEventScroll.window

double gtkc.gdktypes.GdkEventScroll.x

double gtkc.gdktypes.GdkEventScroll.xRoot

double gtkc.gdktypes.GdkEventScroll.y

double gtkc.gdktypes.GdkEventScroll.yRoot Logo Logo Logo