gtkc.gdktypes.GdkWindowAttr Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Attributes to use for a newly-created window.

gchar*title; title of the window (for toplevel windows) gintevent_mask; event mask (see gdk_window_set_events()) gintx; X coordinate relative to parent window (see gdk_window_move()) ginty; Y coordinate relative to parent window (see gdk_window_move()) gintwidth; width of window gintheight; height of window GdkWindowClasswclass; GDK_INPUT_OUTPUT (normal window) or GDK_INPUT_ONLY (invisible window that receives events) GdkVisual*visual; GdkVisual for window GdkColormap*colormap; GdkColormap for window GdkWindowTypewindow_type; type of window GdkCursor*cursor; cursor for the window (see gdk_window_set_cursor()) gchar*wmclass_name; don't use (see gtk_window_set_wmclass()) gchar*wmclass_class; don't use (see gtk_window_set_wmclass()) gbooleanoverride_redirect; TRUE to bypass the window manager Logo Logo Logo