gtkc.gtktypes.GtkFileSelection Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Main Gtk struct.

The GtkFileSelection struct contains the following GtkWidget fields: *fileop_dialog; the dialog box used to display the GtkFileSelection. It can be customized by adding/removing widgets from it using the standard GtkDialog functions. *ok_button, *cancel_button; the two main buttons that signals should be connected to in order to perform an action when the user hits either OK or Cancel. *history_pulldown; the GtkOptionMenu used to create the drop-down directory history. *fileop_c_dir, *fileop_del_file, *fileop_ren_file; the buttons that appear at the top of the file selection dialog. These "operation buttons" can be hidden and redisplayed with gtk_file_selection_hide_fileop_buttons() and gtk_file_selection_show_fileop_buttons() respectively. Logo Logo Logo