gtkc.gtktypes.GtkHandleBox Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Main Gtk struct.

The GtkHandleBox struct contains the following fields. (These fields should be considered read-only. They should never be set by an application.) GtkShadowType shadow_type; The shadow type for the entry. (See gtk_handle_box_set_shadow_type()). GtkPositionType handle_position; The position of the handlebox's handle with respect to the child. (See gtk_handle_box_set_handle_position()) gint snap_edge; A value of type GtkPosition type indicating snap edge for the widget. (See gtk_handle_box_set_snap_edge). The value of -1 indicates that this value has not been set. gboolean child_detached; A boolean value indicating whether the handlebox's child is attached or detached. Logo Logo Logo