gtkc.gtktypes.GtkTreeIter Struct Reference

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Detailed Description

The GtkTreeIter is the primary structure for accessing a structure.

Models are expected to put a unique integer in the stamp member, and put model-specific data in the three user_data members. gintstamp; A unique stamp to catch invalid iterators gpointeruser_data; Model specific data gpointeruser_data2; Model specific data gpointeruser_data3; Model specific data

Public Attributes

int stamp
void * userData
void * userData2
void * userData3

Member Data Documentation

int gtkc.gtktypes.GtkTreeIter.stamp

void* gtkc.gtktypes.GtkTreeIter.userData

void* gtkc.gtktypes.GtkTreeIter.userData2

void* gtkc.gtktypes.GtkTreeIter.userData3 Logo Logo Logo