gtkc.pangotypes.PangoLayout Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Main Gtk struct.

The PangoLayout structure represents and entire paragraph of text. It is initialized with a PangoContext, UTF-8 string and set of attributes for that string. Once that is done, the set of formatted lines can be extracted from the object, the layout can be rendered, and conversion between logical character positions within the layout's text, and the physical position of the resulting glyphs can be made. There are also a number of parameters to adjust the formatting of a PangoLayout, which are illustrated in Figure1, Adjustable parameters for a PangoLayout. It is possible, as well, to ignore the 2-D setup, and simply treat the results of a PangoLayout as a list of lines. Figure1.Adjustable parameters for a PangoLayout The PangoLayout structure is opaque, and has no user-visible fields. Logo Logo Logo