gtkc.pangotypes.PangoLayoutLine Struct Reference

Detailed Description

The PangoLayoutLine structure represents one of the lines resulting from laying out a paragraph via PangoLayout.

PangoLayoutLine structures are obtained by calling pango_layout_get_line() and are only valid until the text, attributes, or settings of the parent PangoLayout are modified. Routines for rendering PangoLayout objects are provided in code specific to each rendering system. PangoLayout*layout; the parent layout for this line gintstart_index; the start of the line as byte index into layout->text gintlength; the length of the line in bytes GSList*runs; a list containing the runs of the line in visual order guintis_paragraph_start:1; TRUE if this is the first line of the paragraph guintresolved_dir:3; the resolved PangoDirection of the line Logo Logo Logo